Find, book & Sign Talent

At DTP, we're always looking for the best talent available. Be it local, regional, or national, we're on the move seeing every possible genre of undiscovered talent. We're always on the lookout for something new, something that "pops". Our acts are booked into many venues and festivals here in Houston. New or already established acts are welcomed to the fold. We can help shape and develop image, publicize and book band shows as well as do whatever is necessary to see your talent recognized on a national stage. When the time is right, we even have options to assist in getting your first or next recording contract, video produced and guide you to the hottest tours.



We can and will manage your social media pages, get more info out on all available platforms. As well, design burst vid ads and old school handbills and posters for your events. We have connections to help develop your band's logos as well as get your album art up to what it should be. Several options are also available for merch such as t-shirts and cds. wherever possible, we will get your material to the appropriate radio and regular medium attention.


BAckline Rental 

For larger scale events and all out festivals, we offer minor backlining such as guitar amps, Bass rigs and drum sets. All of these services are geared toward being competitively priced. We realize musicians are a completely underrated and under appreciated talent. We try our best to accommodate every possible situation and scenario.