Steve Susman and Sammi B have teamed up to take DTP in a new and hard hitting direction. Branching out into multiple genres, we have decided that those who really want the fame and recognition in the music world don't just sit back and let others do all the work. We are willing to work our asses off for you if you are proactive as well. With the sorry shape the music industry is in today, there are a lot hucksters that take money and don't do anything for it. It takes a team  and a different point of view to succeed. If you're a team player, and not a couch potato, hit us up. If you're not down to match our tenacity and be honest, pass us by. We employ the best publicity firms such as Raquel Figlo PR, and others to get you launched the right way. Stay tuned as we launch new up and comers in 2020.